Title: I See the Light
Artist: Mandy Moore feat. Zachary Levi
Played: 239 times

Title: Too Much For One Heart
Artist: Lea Salonga
Played: 321 times


Too Much For One Heart - Lea Salonga

Such a glorious song. Sadly it was cut from the show and was replaced by “Please”.

Women of color and the Disney characters they have played.


I think it’s really hard to compare anyone to Lea Salonga. When she started she was very innocent but also surprisingly mature which was perfect for the psychology of the role. The clarity, power, and the control in her singing was also remarkable and unique. There is a reason she’s the most recognizable Kim and not just because she originated it. Many actors are able to own a role even if they did not originate it. If other Kims want to succeed they must figure out their own way to that.

Lea Salonga - Everybody Says Don’t

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The original singing voice for Princess Jasmine with Broadway’s Aladdin! (x)

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Title: I Still Believe (reprise)
Artist: Lea Salonga
Played: 582 times


From the first preview of the 1989 original London production - a short reprise of I Still Believe sung after Kim kills Thuy which was eventually cut